Top Five Warning Signs That You Need A Roofing Contractor

Top Five Warning Signs That You Need A Roofing Contractor

When it comes to any industry, there are always problems. The same can be said for roofing companies. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to hire a roofing contractor to fix a leaky roof or a business owner considering getting your roof replaced, you should know the signs that your roofing company is not a professional. Here are some signs that roofing companies are making costly and sometimes dangerous mistakes…

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Roofing Contractors Make Similar Mistakes As homeowners – It’s often the case that minor roofing repairs turn into a major problem. But the most common of these small mistakes can stack up and lead to several more reasons why roofing companies fail to earn consistent profit. One of the biggest blunders roofing companies make is being disorganized. When they have several clients to address at once, they may overlook details that could end up affecting one or more of their customers.


Poor Quality Shapes and Shingles – No matter how many times roofing companies try to improve their shingles or shakes, problems still arise. Sometimes the material used to strengthen the shingles or the nails used to attach them are not strong enough to last long enough. The same can be said for the nails used to fasten shingles to the roof. If any of these materials are weak, they can easily break off and cause further damage or injuries to passersby or third parties.


Poorly Crafted Roofs – No matter how many times roofing companies try, there is just no way to avoid making a mistake when fixing roofs completely. Whether the problem is a small one or a major one, the results can be disastrous. One of the most common and most damaging mistakes is installing shingles too high on the roof. Even a slight difference in the height of the roofing contractor’s ladder can cause shingles to be too high, which can lead to leaks or injury.


Faulty Starts – As mentioned before, no roofing company is perfect, but this does not mean that every single one will make a mistake. However, there are plenty of instances when a roofing company may start on a roof and realize just how wrong things are going. For example, some roofing companies may install too many shingles on a single side of a house. When they start to climb up the side of the house, they may realize that they need to make adjustments on where they are placing the next set. These adjustments may prove to be too large for some parts of the roof, causing shingles to fly off in the wind. When this happens, the entire house could become in danger of being ruined because of loose shingles.


Unsafe Means of Cutting – When roofing companies perform work on another’s home, it is important to ensure that the work is being performed safely. Most roofing companies have safety protocols that must be followed when cutting a roof. It is not uncommon to see some roofing companies skip over these protocols to speed up the process and get more jobs at the same time. When this happens, problems may arise that are more complicated than what the homeowner initially thought. For example, loose shingles could fly off in the wind, causing damage to the ceilings of nearby houses and other property.


Poorly Maintained Equipment – Not all roofing companies take the time to care for their equipment properly. One of the most basic pieces of equipment that a roofing company would use on any roof is a hammer. While this may seem like something that most homeowners could use, there are many cases when roofers cut corners when it comes to using quality equipment. There have been several reports in which families have had to replace entire roofs after defective equipment has been used. If a quality roofing company does not take care of maintaining their equipment, this can also lead to more serious roofing problems down the line.


Dishonest Work – Finally, some would try to cut corners by working with a roofing company that is not reputable. Many stories in which families have had to replace entire roofs because a contractor did not give them the accurate estimate of materials and labor needed. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not know where to look to determine if a potential roofing contractor is reputable or not. If you are interested in finding a good contractor, make sure that you ask friends, family, and neighbors if they have any recommendations.