Leak Investigation & Repair

Leak Investigation & Repair

Want to know what it looks like when our team comes out to identify the roof leak in your building? Read more here.

We are aware a leak is the last thing you want to find in your building. Although we may be the last call you want to make, we hope Baker Roofing Company is your first. Over 100 years of experience has proven to give us insight into the most efficient way to locate and repair your leak. We believe in transparency and education when it comes to our services. We thought it would be helpful to share what our team does on-site to find that pesky roof leak.

First, the salesperson will go inside the building and speak to the onsite point of contact. If there are any water stains or active indoor leaks, we will take a look at them then. If the business has ceiling tiles, then our team will remove those tiles and look at the type of deck on the building. The deck is accessible between the tiles and the roofline. At this point, we are looking for water or other obvious roof penetrations. We also like to determine if the water is from the air conditioning units’ condensation. Sometimes we identify roof penetrations this way and sometimes we do not.

The next step is to go on the roof. We will then search around any holes, open seams, or penetrations that might be open in the leak area. Depending on the job, we can utilize density gauges or infrared cameras (used at nighttime only) to see if any of the insulation is wet which allows us to track it at the point of entry.

At this point, we have thoroughly checked and identified the problem area. Now you can expect our team to work up a proposal with photo documentation to share our findings. Once the proposal or NTE (not to exceed) work order is signed, our service crew will be scheduled to come out and make the repair! You’ll be back to normal business before you know it. Not to mention, a nice and dry ceiling/roof!

By Alex Manring

Alex has worked at Baker for 5 years! When not at work, she loves spending time outside with her Goldendoodle and her husband Cole, hanging out with her family & friends, trying all the new restaurants in Raleigh, and watching a good movie!

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